They Are Killing Us

According to Dr Dean Burke, former chief biochemist at the National Cancer Institute, more that 50, 000 Americans a year are dying of cancer caused by fluoridated drinking water.

Fluoridation, removes peoples ability to make choices for themselves, The Dental fluorosis and worst of all skeletal flurosis, Would not exist if not for fluoridation and fluoridated products.


In 1998 Guan et al. gave similar doses of fluoride as used by the Mullenix group and found that several key chemicals in the brain -- those that form the membrane of brain cells, were substantially depleted in rats given fluoride, as compared to those who did not receive fluoride.

Water fluoridation is the ideal solution for industry's fluoride waste disposal problem. Like the tall smoke stack introduced a decade earlier, it diverts and disperses pollutants far and wide. Chemicals that would cost $7,000 per tanker to dispose of are sold instead to cities at $265 to at least $722 per ton. Consequently, the phosphate fertilizer manufacturers invest millions of dollars in grants and lobbying of government officials to promote water fluoridation.
- "Fluoridation: License to Dump Toxic Waste In The Name of Public Health", Health Action Network, Fluoride Report No. 4, Jan (1997)

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Governments have NO BUSINESS adding substances to drinking water intended as prophylactics against illness not caused by drinking water. Caries, Tooth decay and Cavities are not the manifestation of fluoride deficiency, but is the result of a generally false nutrition and inefficient dental hygiene.


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