Ghost Facts

I know from personal experience, ghosts are real.



Haunted House

I will be adding storys about the most haunted house I ever lived here soon. The house is in New Ellenton, SC. I now live in Warrenville, SC about 11 miles form that house. One thing I have noticed is the older I get, the less I see ghosts.




When I was a young child, about five years old. I started having nightmares, sleepwalking and seeing ghosts. I have seen many of them all different types.

I was sleepwalking so much, I was taken to be checked out. I don't remember any of this. The only thing I do remember is that little black book I took with me where ever I went. I don't remember what was in it. I wish I still had it. As I got older I started seeing ghosts almost every night.

Ghosts I Saw

These all happend in the house in New Ellenton, SC when I was 5 - 10 years old.

1. One night I woke up and saw three glowing figures. Looked like a mom, dad, and son. I could see no faces just light they were just glowing light it was green this color green. I watched them for about 5 min the kid was in chair mom and dad on both sides holding his hands while he jumped up and down. I called out to my mom to come see she got the gun thinking someone was in the house. My mom could not see them then my brother got up, I told him not to turn on the light but he did anyway and they disapeared. I was really mad at him for turning on the light.

2. I was in my bedroom crying, think I was being punished for something. I was setting on the bed looking at the door, then this little kid about my age mabe 6 came running at me also crying. I could see his featrues but he was see through.



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