BP has lied extensively over the past few months about the growing Gulf oil disaster. The company has bullied journalists, fudged numbers, and even deployed fake journalists to the Gulf to write about how everything is fine. Now BP may be literally trying to cover up oiled beaches by dumping sand on top of them.


BP Literally Covering Up Oil Damage

Tons of sand being brought in to COVER up the Oil


The video below, filmed by Judson Parker of Save Our Shores Florida, purportedly shows oil sandwiched between two layers of different types of sand. According to Parker, local deputies confirmed that BP dumped sand onto the Grand Isle, Louisiana beach and attempted to smooth it over. But Wayne Keller, the Executive Director of the Grand Isle Port Commission, doesn't know anything about it. "I'm not aware of that being done anywhere on Grand Isle," he tells FastCompany.com. I know we're trucking in sand to build berms to keep oil out of the estuary, but that's it."

I noticed the guy int he video compared the hardness of the oil layer to asphalt, that's kinda creepy given the wide spread speculations about BP having drilled into one of these asphalt volcanoes. Is it normal for spill oil to harden to that kind of density in a month's time? "twitchy; a member of AboveTopSecret.com", and include the title of the message thread, Video Suggests BP Literally Covering Up Oil Damage on Louisiana Beaches; and this full link URL to the post: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum

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